hi, i'm taren. :)
Excuse me, but…

You live in your own little world where you think you’re successful and you’ve worked for everything you’ve had, but you’re not. You haven’t worked for anything in your life. You’ve had everything handed to you, and you don’t even take it seriously at all. You got a full ride to a great university that you shouldn’t even have gotten into. You got a degree in something you don’t know anything about, and barely got a passing grade on your big senior project, the single most important project of your entire college career. You talked your way into re-taking two tests for that class that you didn’t even study for because you were too busy smoking your weed… you pulled the “I’m a bad test taker” card. Not once, but TWICE. You don’t get to re-take tests in college. You didn’t meet any deadline for that project, because you were “working a lot,” when in reality you skipped out on work all the time, and partied with your new boyfriend while the rest of us were working our asses off, staying up all night to make sure our projects were perfect. But somehow they let you pass, just because they didn’t want to deal with you, and you walked across that stage with that degree in your hand.

I literally did everything for you. Every time we went anywhere, I drove. I covered for you many times when you “didn’t have your debit card.” You said you’d pay me back for food, gas, all kinds of things, never did. You didn’t even buy your own laundry soap or shampoo, you mooched off of ours. We had to teach you how to use a fucking washing machine and dishwasher, teach you how to write a check, AND show you were to put the address on a postcard. You’re 24 years old. You didn’t even do shit to help me look for a place for you to live. I called probably 20 different apartments, looked on multiple websites, all by myself. The only thing you did was complain that everything was too expensive.

You didn’t even have any money to begin with, you shouldn’t even have moved in with me. I never wanted you to, you invited yourself to live with me just like you invite yourself to do everything else. You told me straight up that you had $300 to your name and no job, then you said “i’mma get it, i’mma get it”… you borrow money from people. You never WORK FOR IT. You expect people to cover your ass because you’re too lazy to try and make it on your own. So you borrow money from your church that is meant for a serve trip, and you use it to live off of. Nice.

You get multiple jobs offered to you, GOOD jobs, but you say “I don’t have time for that, I’m not about to learn all this shit for this job”…. if you’re going to work for a company, you are expected to know about the product the company is selling. That’s how it fucking goes. Even in your desperate position with bills and a loan to pay, you turn down good jobs. Then you take one at fucking Target, which you only got because you “know someone.” You’re so successful and impressive.

We would leave the kitchen looking filthy for DAYS to see at what point you would step up and clean it. YOU NEVER DID. We always cleaned it. You sliced your disgusting meat on the counter top with nothing underneath, and would not even clean it up yourself. Dishes would pile up to the ceiling and you still wouldn’t fucking do the dishes. You sat on your ass on the couch and watched TV and said “I don’t have time for his bullshit, I don’t have time for her drama, I don’t have time for that”… sure looks like you had a lot of time to me. You have no friends.

You smoked weed in your fucking room. Without even asking your roommates how they felt about it. Your car, your room, your purse, and YOU ALWAYS SMELL LIKE WEED. You smoked in your room the DAY before we moved out. Before we went out to dinner. My mind was blown, I will leave it at that.

You leave the house without cleaning a damn thing, leaving me to clean for 3-4 hours by myself. You didn’t even take all your shit. You didn’t leave money for a bill that fucking needs to be paid, when you told me you’d go to the bank and leave the money on the table that morning. You obviously were in a hurry to just ditch out and get out of the bill. Well, sweetheart, in the real adult world, you don’t get out of bills the way you get out of failing tests, not meeting deadlines for projects, and not paying back gas money. You all of a sudden come up with every excuse in the entire world why you can’t pay a $48 utilities bill, all of which contradict each other and don’t make any sense, when the day before when we were actually WITH you, you never brought up any of it and you just said you’d pay it. In life, bills have to be fucking paid. I, as your “friend” that you ditched out on… of course I’m pissed! Why wouldn’t I be? I’m not covering your ass. If I pulled your shit, you would beat the shit out of me.I get upset and say one little thing… “It would’ve been a lot easier if you would’ve left money on the table like you said you were going to.” And all of a sudden!: “It doesn’t fucking matter bitch!” and “you a stupid hoe!” and “you cry baby bitch!” Yeah nice comeback, nice argument. So uh why can’t you pay the bill?

Then you call me up and tell me that I’m acting like a child, and that I need to call you and talk like a woman. I was talking to you like a normal person, and you called me all kinds of names and quoted a Nicki Minaj song. Yeah you’re a 24 year old woman who can’t work a dishing machine or dishwasher, doesn’t know what linguini is, you can’t even speak english. It’s not “do she?” it’s “does she?” When you say “I got to be up at hella early,” umm sorry but hella early isn’t a time. You are a 24 year old educated woman with a bachelors degree, if I were to meet you on the street I wouldn’t guess that in a MILLION years. God bless America.

You literally told me you’ve worked hard for what you have. Tell me, what’s the last thing you actually worked for? No, not borrowed money for… WORKED FOR. Nothing. You need a serious attitude adjustment. You haven’t earned shit, and you really need to learn how to deal with people. I’ve seen you bitch out a cocktail waitress when she told you a shot costs $4.00, and it actually turned out to be $4.50. You yelled at a man working at a gas station when he didn’t know where they kept fake pee for drug tests. You chewed out my friend and made a car ride very uncomfortable when he JOKINGLY referred to girls downtown as sluts, and they were in fact dressed like sluts. You made your roommate cry when she wanted to go get coffee with you. You made your RA cry when she charged you for moving out a day late. Seriously? There are no words to describe what kind of person you are. You are the biggest mooch I’ve met in my life, and you sure don’t have any people skills. I can just see you yelling at and cussing out a customer at work when they piss you off.

Have fun living with your mom and living off welfare for the rest of your life. You’ll probably either get fired or quit Target soon because “you don’t have time for that.” You will never go to grad school like you think. If you do, you will never make it. I don’t want to wish bad things upon you, but I know that karma’s a bitch and she will bite you in the ass. Soon you’ll find yourself 40 years old, still probably living at home, working somewhere lame, living off welfare, with a kid and no baby daddy, smoking your weed in your room. You might call me a hater but I’m fucking realistic. You need a reality check. Have a nice life.

I haven’t been on this tumblr in FOREVER since I created my other one….

But I need to. I need to write my shit out.




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